We can’t all afford the lavish private jet with a mini bar and water bed in it. The good news is that you might be surprised if you may or not, thanks to the fractional ownership style of private jet purchases. It’s less money upfront, and a fully functional jet is still at one’s fingertips.

Buying in a fraction of a jet is a lot like buying a stock. You will essentially own a share of the jet, and have a say in who uses it, why, and when. If you can find a company that manages the relationship between you and other investors, all the better the relationships will be. You can expect to get the jet plane according to a set schedule, or according to a certain amount of hours as set by the company.

If it turns out you didn’t need a private jet after all, and you are looking to sell your share, that is a possibility with companies that manage fractional ownership schemes. A private jet charter that does this can liquidate a specific share in the jet and offer fair market value for it. Keep in mind that the fact that jets are subject to wear and deprecation, and that you will not get what you put into the venture.

A managed private jet charter service will also setup a way to get a jet charter when the jet you paid for is tied up. When dividing the ownership between as many as ten people or more, you will likely have to find an alternate solution for emergencies. Ask your private jet charter service what they can offer for emergency flights.

Find out about all fees before signing the papers. This can’t be stressed enough, as there will still be periodic fees for the maintenance of the jet. The massive amount of money it takes to finance these operations will be considerably less since you only own a fraction of the jet, but be aware that there are still fees. Keep some room in your budget to pay them upfront after finding out the estimated costs.

Press the charter company for every detail possible in regards to what you can or can’t do. While it will all be outlined in your contract, odds are that the company won’t go over everything with you unless you specifically ask. It might also help to find a lawyer, or find a previous client that has signed a contract- perhaps a friend or family member. Ask them how they felt about the contract and service.

Final Thoughts

From here you should be looking at companies that can cater to your needs. Fractional ownership is still a relatively new idea, so not every private jet company will have this option. Just keep looking and don’t be afraid to go with a company outside your region.

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